Reasons to Hire Private Investigators

When most people think of hiring a Private Investigator, they’re probably imagining scenes out of a film noir movie. However, private investigators are certainly not a thing of the past. In reality, today’s investigators are hired under a wide variety of circumstances, just a few of which are described briefly below.

Evidence for Court Case

The facts discovered by private investigators can often be used in court cases to prove things like insurance fraud. Since these professionals are trained and experienced in uncovering evidence that will stand up in court, their services can be of great value to anyone looking for additional information about crimes that have been committed.

Finding Lost Loved Ones

It may sound cliché, but one of the most popular reasons for hiring private investigators is the search for long-lost relatives and other loved ones. It can be hard for clients to just sit around and wonder what happened to someone who used to play a large role in their lives, which is why many of them choose to take affirmative action. Unlike the police, who are often overworked to the point where they can’t devote sufficient time and energy to every case they take, private investigators are dedicated to tracking down their clients’ lost family members and loved ones and are much more likely to provide serious results.

Uncovering Adultery

Clients who are considering filing for divorce can often benefit substantially from the ability to prove their spouse’s suspected adultery. Evidence of adultery can influence court decisions on everything from child custody to alimony payments and can be used as grounds for filing for a divorce. Most clients know that their spouses are up to no good, but this knowledge alone won’t stand up in court without sufficient objective evidence to uphold it.

Due Diligence

Any investor or company who is considering investing in a high-risk business or investment venture can hire private investigators to perform due diligence on the company prior to deciding whether or not to invest. This can uncover suspicious red flags and potential for fraud, helping to protect clients’ reputations as well as their monetary investments.

Learn More Today

These are just a few of the most common reasons clients choose to contact private investigators regarding their services. Anyone who has questions they need to have answered by professional and discreet investigators who have the experience and skills to solve even difficult cases can see John Cutter Investigations for additional information. Visit to learn more or call to request a free consultation today.


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